(2024-2025) ADMISSIONS OPEN for CLASSES KG to 9 & CLASS 11

Thayalan R

My school life experience – I joined APVS in my 4th grade and went on to finish my tenth grade here with a ton of memories and a river-load of tears on farewell. In these constructive 7 years, my schooling life cannot be summed up to the 8 periods of a day and the extra classes that happened during the 10th board exams. I could possibly say that I’ve seen my school get built brick by brick, literally, as I’ve seen us go taking baby steps one day at a time with sheer determination, perseverance and hard work from management, staff and students in unison, to achieve this colossal building with amazing labs, a stage for conducting various performances and an enjoyable ground. As much as we enjoyed co-curricular activities, the studies aspect too had always been surprisingly enjoyable owing to the workaholic yet friendly nature of all our teachers as they put in as much effort as they could and more, in making sure that we excelled in our exams comfortably at the end of the year. Once the results came out, we were on cloud nine, on one hand because we were done with the toughest part of the year and on the other that the efforts we and our teachers put in bore fruit when it mattered. As students, we were often referred to as “Pon kids” and we always took it for granted back then. Looking back now, it is that very banner of being a “Pon kid” that has taken me to all these wonderful places, giving me memories and friends to cherish for a lifetime. Saying thank you wouldn’t do justice to my school as I am grateful to everyone in here, both the teaching and non teaching staff for being sculptors in chiselling the great sculptures – we the students.