(2024-2025) ADMISSIONS OPEN for CLASSES KG to 9 & CLASS 11

School Safety


All students are equal in the eyes of the school irrespective of caste, class and community.  All students should be included in the process of education.

Corporal punishment is totally prohibited. All teachers are instructed to the effect. Violation of this policy will lead to disciplinary action.

Abuse of any kind is totally banned.

Students should not fight among themselves and cause any harm to the other students.

Using abusive vocabulary by the students/ teachers is considered an offense.

Development of Children through education is the aim of the Management.

Child abuse (including physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect) is a violation of children’s human rights and is an obstacle to their education and development.

There is a responsibility for all staff to protect the rights and dignity of all students in order to ensure safety and security.

Staff , if they happen to come to know of incidences of abuses, must report to the Principal.


As an extension of the policy the school provides counseling facility for age related issues that children inevitably face as part of growing. This should also help students to do better in academics.

The Principal shall be accessible to the parents by mail always and in person on selected days and fixed hours to voice concerns, if any.

Grievance Redressal mechanism is in place for all cares and concerns. The information is displayed in the website of the school.

The teachers should present themselves appropriately dressed and maintain social distance with the students and other teachers.

They should take care to approach the students appropriately always and not to give scope for any violation with in the frame of POCSO.


To create a platform where students can point out their problems, regarding academic and non academic matters. To get suggestions from the students for improvement.

Take necessary steps for improvement in the light of grievances.

Details of staff appointed for grievance redressal mechanism committee.

1 Ms. Subha .R (Chairperson) – 9940041720 Mrs. Vijaya Meenakshi .D (Chairperson) – 7401841352 Mrs. Vinita Vincy .V (Chairperson) – 9894922955 Mrs. Latha .S
2 Mr. Neelakandan (Vice-Chairperson) – 9944365084 Mrs. Jayasudha .J (Vice-Chairperson) – 9094569518 Mrs. Kalaivani .T (Vice-Chairperson) – 8939752477 Mrs. Sujatha .M
3 Ms. Mahalakshmi .M (Teacher Representative) – 8248675859 Mrs. Anitha .V (Member) – 9566208649 Mrs. Hemalatha .S (Teacher Representative) – 9566221596
4 Ms. Surya .P (Teacher Representative) – 8438326055 Mrs. Rejin Rani .V (Member) – 9444689065 Mrs. Akalya Perumal (Teacher Representative) – 9994795562
5 Ms. Vidhya Arun (Teacher Representative) – 9840047136 Mrs. Tamilarasi .M (Member) – 9042013180 Mr. John Athisayaraj (Teacher Representative) – 9842004004
6 Ms. Divyavani (Parent Representative) – 9841771632 Mr. Sundaramoorthy .T (Parent) – 9840290881 Mr. Malayaman .D.K (Parent Representative) – 9566067001


School has formed Sexual Harassment Committee to ensure the safety and security of the child from Sexual Offences

1 Ms. Ananthi .S (Chairperson) – 9677097805 Mrs. Prabavathy .D (Chairperson) – 9941696261 Mrs. Sasikala .T (Chairperson) – 9962346810 Mrs. Sheeba Rajesh
2 Ms. Sudha Kalyani .P (Vice-Chairperson) – 7904043168 Mrs. Radha (Vice-Chairperson) – 9444763982 Mrs. Mani Mathuri .M (Vice-Chairperson) – 9444420698 Mrs. Suganthy .S
3 Miss. Ramya Srinivas (Legal Advisor) – 9677033679 Mrs. Devi (Legal Advisor) – 9092286201 Mrs. Rajeswari .P.V (Legal Advisor) (Parent) – 9840319765 Mrs. Padmalakshmi
4 Ms. Suganya Dinakaran (Member) – 9282123412 Mrs. Jerome Lydia Nancy (Member) – 9884445903 Mrs. Rama Kumar .S (Member) – 9092675266 Ms. Ramya G
5 Ms. Jini Jannet (Member) – 8939782134 Mr. Arul Kumar (Member) – 9962556355 Mrs. Srimathi Balaji (Member) – 9003311404
6 Ms. Hemalatha .V.K (Member) – 7397393387 Mrs. Geetha .N (Member) – 9884023129 Mrs. Kanimozhi Iraniamani (Member) – 9994133221