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Parents Testimonials

Parents Testimonials - Valasaravakkam

Maths – My daughter personally seems to enjoy maths classes a lot. The teachers are professional, caring and well organized.

English – In this department, teachers enhance group discussions through insightful comments. The teachers have vibrant personality and are always ready to assist.

Biology – I have a positive feeling about biology department. The students are courteous and shows good manners in the classroom.

Physics – Physics subject might be a little difficult for students but the faculties make all the effort to make it easy. They constantly check on the students whether they are in need of help to understand concepts.

Chemistry – My daughter seems to have personally developed interest towards chemistry and I attribute this to the exemplary teaching of faculties in chemistry department.

Sivagurunathan S F/O Sadhana S XII ‘D’ (2020-2021)

The Pon Vidyashram group of CBSE schools always has great activities that continue the inspire children as well as the parents. The school has provided my child with wonderful atmosphere and great teachers. It has also helped in developing her character, talents and various skills. All classes and extracurricular activities are conducted exceptionally well.

Most importantly the portions are covered at such a pace, that the children don’t feel overburdened. The school had ensured and excellent involvement between the child and the teacher. Right from the lower school years the level of attention to develop the whole student is remarkable. Overall it had developed a good foundation in both character enhancement and educational fundamentals without any burden to the children.

V.R. Subramani F/O V.S Aventhigaa – XI ‘E’ (2020-2021)

We take immense pleasure and pride in sharing the most valuable experience in the phase of our and our daughter N. Sonakshi’s life from Pre.kg to XII in Pon Vidyashram. She has spent 15 precious years of her life in Pon Vidyashram School, which has been a period of source of enlightenment of true knowledge. We, as parents are very much glad that we were able to get our daughter admitted into this esteemed institution. Our daughter has been a very good and obedient student all along. She has always loved her school and her teachers. She was well guided in all her ventures both in academics and non – academics. We are very proud of her having started and completed her schooling in a great institution like Pon Vidyashram. Most importantly the teachers of Pon Vidyashram have played a meticulous role in the significant development of the students academically and emotionally. They have always provided a timely feedback on every student’s progress and they also help maximizing student’s success by finding creative ways to encourage students. We are very much grateful to the management, Principal,Vice Principal, teachers, Non – teaching staff for all their guidance and support throughout. We thank one and all. We would also like to mention that our daughter’s ambition is to become a teacher and wishes to serve in Pon Vidyashram any time in the future as all her teachers have been a great source of inspiration for her and she will be proud to do so.

M. Narendran F/O N. Sonakshi’s

My daughter Varshini. M who is studying in VIII std now had put her first foot prints in this institution in the year 2010. Since then the teaching methodologies had been moulding her as a perfect girl. Feel happy and proud to be a part of Pon Vidyashram family.

Anuradha. M Mother of Varshini.M – Class VIII ‘G’ (2020-2021)

My daughter Sahana.R who is studying in this esteemed institution has a wonderful school experience which has given her a right path to lead a successful life in the near future. Feel proud and happy to part of Pon Vidyashram family.

Shanthi.R Mother of Sahana Class XII (2020-2021)

Pon Vidyashram has been associated with me for the past 15 years. First, the infrastructure is well versed with laboratories, neat classrooms provided with smartboard, canteen facility and a playground. The school gives importance to students’ physical activity too. They provide yoga classes, dance classes and the playground are filled with sports such as volley ball, basketball, badminton, etc. Secondly, the teachers are very friendly and approachable in parents’ perspective. They are really experienced in their subjects and provide the right guidance to our children. The school encourages students to participate in various activities even during the pandemic time. They regularly conduct classes for students through online. The extracurricular activities bring out the fascinating things we never know about our child. I always satisfied that both my children receive the quality education needed for them.

Kalpana.P Mother of Dhanusha – IV ‘C’ (2020-2021)

“I am the parent of Sreerajaragavi S, Class IV H. My daughter is studying in Pon Vidyashram, Valasaravakkam right from her KinderGarten. It is very apt to say our school is parent friendly. The school, the teachers and the management are amalgamating with the parents in growing up every child and never forget to give warmth at every moment. Though there was no personal contact with the school and teachers in COVID situation we didn’t feel any gap in studies or activities the kids enjoyed in school.”

CS Akila P Mother of Sreerajaragavi – IV ‘H’ (2020-2021)

I have had a very good experience as a parent with Pon Vidyashram. I like the teachers and the teaching pattern incorporated by the teachers which included activities related to day to day routine and observations. This has helped in overall development of my child.

Charvi Gupta V ‘H’