(2024-2025) ADMISSIONS OPEN for CLASSES KG to 9 & CLASS 11

Jheyanth C.S

I was 8 years old when I joined Pon Vidyashram. At that time it was a daunting experience for me to enter a completely new environment, complete with new teachers and unfamiliar classmates. I still remember the trauma of joining in a completely new school. But over time, I thrived, made friends many of whom are good friends of mine even now. In my 8 years of being a student in Pon Vidyashram, I’ve always felt like I was part of a family. My teachers have been kind enough to take me under their wings and see the best in me. Even when I couldn’t believe in myself, they gave me ample opportunities to prove myself. They treated me like their own, and saw potential in me, even in my darkest moments. They inspired me to become better, to become more. They never gave up on me and they prepared me for the future that I am ready to face today. I’ve come a long way from that timid kid I was when I joined, to become one of the subject toppers for English, all thanks to the love and care that I was lucky enough to receive from my dear teachers, my Principal ma’am and the school. I am forever grateful for the amazing school that I grew up in. I will forever cherish my memories at Apex Pon Vidyashram.