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Students Testimonials

Students Testimonials - Kolapakkam

Hey guys I am Arunasree R J, an alumni of Pon Vidyashram, Kolapakkam 2021 batch. Obviously this would be an intro which I would be very proud off. I am very glad to have this small write-up to pour the memory of my school.

See the irony! School is a place where we cry to go when  we are small and also cry for coming out bidding farewell with lots of memories. I fortunately had 12 years of memories with our school. We would have heard so many people saying “school age to be their golden age of life”. I too didn’t believe in it as long as I was a school student but…. The day I stepped out of the school campus, I terribly started missing the school life, our principal ,our teachers who spend more hours  with us than our mothers, the corridors we walked, the black boards we maintained, the stage we climbed often when we became seniors of the school, the flags that we holded  heading teams at the back and the playground where we enjoyed . School is the place which would one life, lays basement to our character and builds us as a person. It teaches us the life skills of sharing, helping others, team work, leadership, etc. My school obviously did wonders on me . Firstly talking about my teachers and our Principal, I would have no words to express my gratitude towards them. They trusted me more than I would . They were and are the compass of our lives. They guided us through all the path and showed us the best routes, corrected us when we were wrong and alarmed us before we take a wrong turn. They saw their success in our success. They kept us within their hands protecting us from all sorts of negativity, at the same time they made us take responsibilities making us ready to fight the near future.

We as students were allowed to organize events especially Teacher’s day celebrations were full of full given to the hands of students supervised by our principal. So the starting days of September would be busy for the senior students of the school, making sashes and preparing gifts for our beloved teachers. I still remember those evergreen days when we people took in charge of different fields some in decorations, some in technical fields, some in performance, some in organizing and supervising .Though we did different jobs we were all together more than a family.

School days are always filled with laughs, giggles and utmost happiness. weekends makes us talk too much on Mondays, don’t remember what we talked but that didn’t matter. School friends become our lifetime friends because it is with them that we grow of those memories are always close to our heart. I still remember those days with blue flag in my hand, leading the house team. It was a great opportunity that I got to know about my juniors, the next generation of our school, to teach them what I know, play and laugh with them. The long sunny days with endless march past practice would also not matter in front of the selfless bonds we get. Being pass outs we long to back to school. These might be just blue inked words for many but there are colorful memories behind them that would always cherish!!!

Batch – 2021

Arunasree R J