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Parents Testimonials

Parents Testimonials - Injambakkam

Mother of JEROME & JOSHUA – IX B

Mother of PRAKALYA G – VI B


We really appreciate the teachers’ hardwork in preparing a presentation on each topic and for each class. Your teachers energy and effort makes virtual classes successful. We feel honoured to be a part of this Pon vidyashram family.

C. Krithika mother of S. K. Prakalya – IV ‘B’

I express deep gratitude towards the teachers and management for their continuous and constant support in developing our children. Extra-curricular classes are really useful.

Soniya Dhinakaran mother of D. Jaishnavi – I ‘A’

Pon vidyashram is really very a fantastic school with a serene atmosphere. Evenin an informal environment too, students were well behaved and displayed maturity.

Bharanidharan Father of Navin gowtham – I ‘A’

We take an immense pleasure to thank teachers for their endless effort and dedication to bring out children’s talent’s to the world. Teachers speak English when they take classes and also they converse with children in an easy manner. Our management also concentrates on extra-curricular activities, which greatly helps our children to bring up their talents.

Pushpalatha mother of R.P. Vishveshwari – I ‘B’

Teachers are very friendly and supportive .

We are proud to be part of “Pon vidyashram”

This institution has made a positive impact on both of my children.

Fathima Nazin mother of Fathima Amna – Class VIII ‘A’

We are really proud to choose this institution. Teachers dedication and efforts are simply phenomenal. Ponvidyashram is excellent in both academics and discipline. My daughter too studied here from lower class to 12th . Now she is settled in the USA after completing her chartered accountancy. We hardly thankful to entire teachers and management for what our children are now.

M. A. Naushad mother of N. Zuhair Ahmed – Class XII ‘B’

We really appreciate the teachers hardwork in making a presentation on each topic. Your energy makes virtual classes successful. We feel honoured to be a part of Pon vidyashram family.

Rajesh Father of R. Saidev pre-kg

My kids had an incredible year and learnt so much. The teachers’ patience , creativity, effective teaching and love made the children experience and growth . I’m very thankful to the management for giving support and encouraging my kids in sports too.

Lavanya Mother of T. Dharshith III ‘B’

“The teachers are giving a good support and guidance to my kids “. The teachers and administrators were loving, caring, supportive and fully accessible. Our kids are immensely successful in Pon Vidyashram.

Abirami Mother of M. Jayashree III ‘B’

Pon Vidyashram is very special to me because it had a unique system that allows us to be the best person in the society. Teachers are motivating and encouraging us to engage in extra-curricular activities. We had a very big play ground where we are played a lot in addition to learning

sona priya dharshini Old student (2019-2020)

I was the student of Pon Vidyashram. Our school has given a lot of learning experience and exposure to many kids. I’m very much connected with academics and sports. Pon Vidyashram has Inculcated the quantity of leader ship in its name. We shall be remembering our school forever.

kavimani Old student (2019-2020)

I studied in Pon Vidyashram more than 13 years. I had learnt more moral values from my teachers. Pon Vidyashram is giving equal importance to both academics and culture. I’m proud to say that I’m also the student of Pon Vidyashram

Azhagu muthu meena Old student (2019-2020)