Normally in schools, by the time a teacher understands the child fully, a lot of time gets elapsed, resulting in teachers "branding" the child of a specific behavior .In turn, the reality might be ignorance on the part of the teacher in understanding the child.

Pro-Understanding of Student Attributes (PUSA)
  • It is an initiative of to enable the teacher to understand the children even before the academic year has started and is a collaborative effort which involves the parent & the teacher.
  • Instead of relying on brief notes of an admission form, our teachers spend time with each parent individually in an effort to know the child, his/her favorites entertainments, his/her fears, what makes him/her laugh, what word he/she uses for things we use and .little things that will help the teacher handle the child in a way which is optimal to his/her learning. Every little detail learnt from the parent is preserved for the whole academic year.
  • Every month, the teacher adds her observations and records anecdotes that shape the child. These anecdotal records are shared with parents every quarter so that the parents & the teacher (school) work as a team & guide the child in the right direction.
  • At the beginning of the next academic year, the previous class teacher sits with the new class teacher and shares the child's progress and personality with her. This helps the new grade teacher gain a prior understanding of each pupil's attributes. This productive process continues till Secondary years when the parents & school pool in their understanding of the child. This understanding goes a long way in selecting the life & career goals of the child.