• Futuristic Life-Centric Curriculum

    Continuous Learning advocates the need for imparting a defined set of knowledge and skills though a format

    Educational system and in a rapidly changing techno-economic environment, we don’t have any choice but to pursue non-stop learning for our children. Think! Think! Laterally.

    Does you child’s future vehemently haunt you day in and day out?

    Chisiling the mind to be smart and shrewd with durable and dynamic teaching pattern, during the school Education, we build in a healthy intelligent and digelint creative models with fufuristic outlook from need based To passion based career and profession for Little Buds, (Pre-KG), Junior Bloomer (LKG) Senior Bloomer, (UKG)…

    Pon Vidyashram Group of CBSE Schools

    Fun Activites-Entertaining & thinking games,soft on practice on a long term perspective to avoid a sense of assumed seriousness

    Fun Science- Tune the logical thinking step by step in child towards solid sequencing of matters to find solutions whenever required.

    Pon Vidyashram Group of CBSE Schools

    • kinds journal-Inducing to creative thinking writing
    • Chess-Building competency set on challenges lucid solutions to face the world with confidence against Competition and confilicts.
    • Other Outdoor sports-Physical mental coordinated agility performance.
    • Origami Clay modelling-Real time crafting stretching into various kinds of structuring.
    • Robotics-Science models on application mode on human replication.
    • Quizzing-Sharpens overall knowledge. Presence of mind focusing on success.
    • Yoga and meditation-Solemin well coursed thoughts and actions relax Relieve stress.
    • English language Lab.
    • Story telling-Fine tuning creativity, clarity in expression, logic mental frame. Theatre Appreciation- Critical viewing,Transforming into talent, Life achievement trails, Learning nuances.
    • Memory Moves-Grey cell gearing up to record, retain, recall recourse.
    • ABCs of Computers-Initiating onto technology for refinement of learning.
    • Visual art-Drawing painting,-Art of Imagination to image interpretation expressed internal and external appreciation
    • Abacus-Moulding focused mathematical perception at catch-young stage
    • Mock drills- Moulding to higher performance action synchronisation.
    • Dancing- Coordination of body and mind with music touch artistic calibre
    Pon Vidyashram Group of CBSE Schools