Carry on Curriculum

A child on the growing stages inherently wants unhindered independence in learning by exploring from its experience around home and environment. Realizing such a potentiality, we prepare the child effectively to involve in learning in view of its sharp and rapid attention level. Hence, synchronizing their unbiased understanding, we properly focus their exuberant energy onto learning activities with concentrated and comprehensive practices, mostly orally.
On the next level, identifying the child’s skills and talents, we cultivate their naturally occurring self realisation process, assisting its progress in independent and inter-dependant functions by means of various activities including writing silks. Thus we mould their learning capability automatically to reach the higher level of learning
The child steadily turns to be more responsive and receptive to understand better learning, its gets exposed to fresh thinking, new experiences through senses and new ideas, better speaking and writing words. Our way of teaching makes the learning more and more to observe, listen and even question with their Reasonable intelligence. Again social movement through friendship as schools tends to relate the child with fellow beings we take them to the appreciable level of good behaviour, team spirts, sportsmanship and gaming activities.